In this issue:

“The Street Is Who Walks It”
poetry by
Francesca Gargallo
(translated from the Spanish by Dana Delibovi)

“Another Winter in St. Petersburg”
“Driving to the Old Believer’s Village, Siberia”
poetry by
Carol V. Davis

poetry by
Robert L. Penick

“As a Kind of Premonition”
poetry by
Eric Stiefel

“Julia and My Sister”
fiction by
Timothy Kenny

“Broken Spine”
“Pacific Bell Comes Calling”
poetry by
Trina Gaynon

“Road Home”
poetry by
Stan Sanvel Rubin

“One store next to another . . .”
“So they practiced . . .”
“Someone sleeps . . .”
poetry by
Débora Benacot
(translated from the Spanish by Margaret Young)

poetry by
Gail Peck

Cover photograph: “Hat,” Brooklyn, 2019
by Solomon Laker

Layout by
Leah Browning

News from the Editor:

Congratulations to several former contributors.  I’m so pleased to
announce that “Teeth,” a story by
Tim Fitts, was selected by final
judge Michael Martone for
Best Microfiction 2020.  “Teeth” was
originally published in the Fall 2019 issue of the
Apple Valley Review.

A story from our Spring 2019 issue, “Still Life” by
Jeff Ewing, also
received an honorable mention.  
Best Microfiction 2020, co-edited
by Meg Pokrass and Gary Fincke, is scheduled for publication by
Pelekinesis in the spring of 2020.

Torch, a chapbook of poems by Kim Jacobs-Beck, was published
by Wolfson Press in 2019.  Three of the poems from the collection—
“Torch,” “Easter Egg,” and “Upper Midwest Love Poem”—first
appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of the
Apple Valley Review.

Mark Belair had two collections of poetry published by Kelsay
Books in 2019.  Two of the poems from this double collection
appeared in the
Apple Valley Review’s Spring 2019 issue.  The
Taking Our Time includes “the mail slot,” and Running Late
includes “The Corner.”  

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