by Robert L. Penick

I knew I’d need a cane someday
so I picked one up
at the Catholic thrift store.
Admired its heft and  
sturdiness.  You could go off
to war leaning on a cane  
like that, you could  
circumnavigate the Earth
with that lumber in hand.
It was pitted, marked with
scars and dings, the former
owner now dead,
I realized.
I put it back
among the old radios
and knick-knacks,
walked outside, surveyed
the blue sky.
Then walked back in,
made my investment
in the future.


Robert L. Penick’s writing has appeared in many literary
journals including
The Hudson Review, North American Review,
Quiddity.  More of his work can be found on his website.   

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