by Kim Jacobs-Beck

Sing “Sunday Kind of Love”
and “Guilty”
        on blast
it’s a dry heat
passionate celibacy
smoke, maybe fire

Fall in love on the phone
confess our sins and love of
Etta     Patsy
Billie    Bonnie
         500 miles and
                a marriage

Many nights, long distance
your voice slides into me
touches me the way
your tongue will

so so guilty

by Kim Jacobs-Beck

A hardboiled egg, eaten on Easter
I’m standing at the sink with salt and pepper,
carefully removing the shell, sharp
edges yield to reveal the smooth
white, layer over layer, yolk,
yellow and grey, the core.

This is my Easter ritual,
left over from blessed baskets
filled with food, lining church aisles.
Polish grandmothers fussing
with basket linens, careful to expose each item,
required by tradition—
bread, kielbasa, colored eggs,
salt and pepper, sweets, a butter lamb.

Easter communion.  Not the body and blood, transmuted;
real food, to be eaten first thing Easter Sunday.
A meal to break the fast, to break
the day.  Break the egg, break with the past,
break the winter dark.

by Kim Jacobs-Beck

Summer selfie in
       the South Dakota grass
cumulus and sun shadows
below the blue blue blue
This is now.

               Back then,
I would have walked to Iowa
on callused feet if I
were prairie wild

But no.  Wrote out my love
daily, sublimated
       schoolgirl lust,
Find, then lose you, every night.

Now.  Beyond the gate,
       golden foxtail and garlic chives.


Kim Jacobs-Beck was born just outside Detroit and has lived
in the Midwest for most of her life.  A first-year student in Miami
University’s low-residency MFA program, she also serves as
Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of
English at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College.  She
holds a Ph.D. from Miami University in British Romantic
Literature.  Her work recently appeared in
Love & Ensuing
, a collection of poems from Rat’s Ass Review, and
Thank You for Swallowing and is forthcoming in NILVX and
Muddy River Poetry Review.   

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