by Danielle Hanson

The forest grows silent,
All that remains
Is the gurgling a spring makes
While being choked by the rocks.

If you hide from these forces,
They will sometimes pass you by.

A lizard pretends to be a stone.
A bird pretends to be a leaf.
A mountain pretends
To be the throne of a god.

A cloud passes over,
A ship.

by Danielle Hanson

Empty the mirrors nightly.
Pour their images into a bedpan
To sprinkle over the garden.
Let the worms process them
Into soil.  Let the roots
Pull up the remnants.  You were
Already root from the start,
Your branches overflowing with emptiness.

by Danielle Hanson

He says, “You’re a non sequitur,”
and I suddenly feel the way birds must feel
when they wake in the morning
and realize they’re not on solid ground.  
He says, “I’ll explain it again,”
and tells me how the moon dissolves
during a lunar eclipse.
His voice sounds like he swallowed sandpaper.
I think of how the sand in the desert
bakes to make a mirror of the sun.
He’s telling me about gravity and light.
I tell him I’m a gravitational catalyst.  
Things always fall around me.  
He’s not listening,
for now he’s on to describing cannibalistic solar systems
while my thoughts devour themselves before hatching.
The dinosaurs died that way.  
He doesn’t notice this thought
leaking out on my shoulder, making me nervous.  
I tell him I’m lost between freezing and melting.
I ask for directions but he tells me a flower opens
with all the force of an atom and drains the sun.
I’m worried about gardens.  
I ask him about constancy in an expanding universe.  
I watch out for stars.


Danielle Hanson is the author of Ambushing Water, which was
published by Brick Road Poetry Press in 2017.  The collection
includes two poems that originally appeared in the
Apple Valley
: “Red Nail Polish,” from the Spring 2011 issue, and “It’s
Late Autumn and the Few Leaves Left Clinging to the Trees Beg
to Be Pulled Off,” from the
Fall 2015 issue.  Hanson’s work has
also appeared in many journals and anthologies including
Hubbub, Iodine, Rosebud, Poet Lore, Asheville Poetry
, and Blackbird.  She is Poetry Editor for Doubleback
Books and has previously edited
Loose Change Magazine and
Hayden’s Ferry Review, worked for The Meacham Writers’
Conference, and been a resident at The Hambidge Center.  
Hanson received her MFA from Arizona State University and her
undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee at
Chattanooga.  More information is available on
her website.   

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