In this issue:

“A Hole to the Other Side of the World”
“A Scene Destined for the Cutting Room Floor”
“Nocturne with Overdue Books”
“To the Dads at Buffalo Wild Wings Watching the Tigers Game
on a Monday Afternoon in April”
poetry by
Amorak Huey

“Under Construction”
poetry by
Karen Schubert

“The Three Fingers”
fiction by
Siamak Vossoughi

“Forest Scene”
poetry by
Danielle Hanson

“Easter Egg”
“Upper Midwest Love Poem”
poetry by
Kim Jacobs-Beck

“The Heir”
fiction by
Tom Gresham

“Small Talk”
poetry by
José Angel Araguz

“In Situ”
poetry by
Mark Luebbers

“Solving for the Unknown”
“Sonata #19”
“In Search of the Warm Breathing Things”
poetry by
Katherine Gekker

essay by
Stephanie Paterson

“Moon Elders”
poetry by
Joseph Chaney

“The Eye of Winter”
“April Cruel”
poetry by
Sandra Kohler

Cover photograph: “A man painting a staircase in India,” 2007
by Jorge Royan

Layout by
Leah Browning

News from the Editor:

Congratulations to Nandini Dhar, who was included in Best New
Poets 2016 from The University of Virginia Press.  This year’s
volume was edited by Mary Szybist and series editors Jeb Livingood
and Angie Hogan.  Two of Dhar’s poems, “Fishbone: Ilish” and
“Inheritance,” appeared in our
Fall 2013 issue.

George Moore’s poem “Cartography,” which appeared in the
Spring 2008 issue of the
Apple Valley Review, was included in one
of his two recently-published collections.  
Children’s Drawings of
the Universe was published by Salmon Poetry in 2015.      

Danielle Hanson’s collection of poetry, Ambushing Water, was
published by Brick Road Poetry Press in early 2017.  The book
includes two poems that originally appeared in the
Apple Valley
: “Red Nail Polish,” from the Spring 2011 issue, and “It’s
Late Autumn and the Few Leaves Left Clinging to the Trees Beg to
Be Pulled Off,” from the
Fall 2015 issue.  Three of Hanson’s poems
are also included in this issue.  

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''A man painting a staircase in India,'' 2007, photograph by Jorge Royan