Love and Reading
by Vince Corvaia

             The two most important things in life—love and
             reading—are often accidental.
                                                             —J.D. McClatchy

I never got drunk
because a story made me
cry in public.
Instead, I shelved it
in a bedroom warm
with afternoon light
among titles I knew
I would never give away.
Perhaps you should have
been a book.
But even then, would I
choose to remember
the early days,
when I slipped off your cover
and licked my fingertip
before turning the first page?


Vince Corvaia has a BA in English from The New School and an
MFA in creative writing from Wichita State University.  He has
published approximately 100 poems nationwide and online.  One of
Corvaia’s earlier poems, “
Optometrist,” appeared in the Fall 2008
issue of the
Apple Valley Review.   

On “Love and Reading”:
I came across McClatchy’s statement somewhere and immediately
thought the phrase “love and reading” had potential.  The poem
evolved conventionally, one slow sentence at a time, until the final
one, which took as much time as the rest of the poem put together.  
Without the pivotal sentence “Perhaps you should have / been a
book.” I wouldn’t have been able to link “love” and “reading”
at all.  The poem is fictional and addresses no one in real life.  It’s
a concept poem prompted by the quotation, and I’m glad it has
found a home with the
Apple Valley Review.

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