by Vince Corvaia

He asked me to tell him
when one five-pointed star
moved directly over the other.

In the dark examining room
I was thinking about
the fluorescent turquoise stars
my first girlfriend pasted
on her bedroom wall
before shutting off the light
and returning to the edge of the bed
where we sat without touching.

Oh, what innocents we were,
never even having kissed anyone
and knowing that any moment
she would expect me to touch her chin
and turn her face to face mine
in the breathless dark.

“Now,” I said.


Vince Corvaia received his MFA in creative writing from Wichita
State and has published more than 60 poems nationwide in such
journals as
Intro, Kansas Quarterly, A.I.D. Review, Touchstone,
Telescope, Cimarron Review, and Wichita State’s own
Mikrokosmos.  New poems are forthcoming in Home Planet
and The Write Place at the Write Time.

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