Cover painting: ''Arrow-2'' by Yevgenia Nayberg, 2006, oil on canvas, 30'' x 40'' (please scroll down to view the table of contents)
In this issue:

“Love and Reading”
poetry by
Vince Corvaia

“Just our initials, carved . . .”
poetry by
Simon Perchik

“Recurring Dream”
poetry by
Avra Wing

fiction by
Wendy Fox

“Theories of Unity”
“The Divorce”
poetry by
G. L. Grey

“Crisis Unit”
poetry by
Darlene Pagán

“Waiting at the Mental Health Clinic”
poetry by
Cal Freeman

fiction by
Courtney McLean

poetry by
Elizabeth Levinson

“Dream House”
“All Souls”
poetry by
April Lindner

“Visitation Rights”
poetry by
Jim Murdoch

“Company at Christmas”
poetry by
Pat Daneman

“73 Breyer Horses”
poetry by
Floyd Cheung

“Granite Street”
essay by
Jennifer A. Howard

“Home Ec”
poetry by
Linda King

poetry by
Dan O’Brien

“Love Thy Neighbor”
essay by
J. W. Young

“When the Sun Nears the Earth in the West”
poetry by
T. J. Jarrett

“bad news”
poetry by
Anthony Liccione

“The Dancing Chair”
“A Step Above Cows”  
poetry by
Hal Sirowitz

“What Elves Talk About in the Lunch Room”
poetry by
Joanne Lowery

Cover painting: “Arrow-2,” 2006, oil on canvas, 30" x 40"
Yevgenia Nayberg

Layout by Leah Browning

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