Waiting at the Mental Health
by Cal Freeman

Look at this table,
grains in the meat
like arteries in a grown pig’s heart.
That it is dead, that it looks
like eyes with an intention,
is not what I forget.  I forget
how I arrived here.  
I don’t imagine the rental
of a large truck or the cardboard
boxes full of pictures and lamps.
I don’t imagine a choice.
My head’s numb with laughter.
I laughed for hours,
but if any of it was funny
I do not know.
I wish the legs weren’t already attached.
I’d piece it together and remember
how it rose three feet from the ground
to support my mud-flecked boots.


Cal Freeman received his MFA from Bowling Green State
University in 2004.  Later that year, Terrance Hayes selected his
manuscript for the Devine Poetry Fellowship.  Freeman’s poems
have appeared or are forthcoming in
Drunken Boat, The
Cortland Review
, Nimrod, The Journal, Commonweal, and
Ninth Letter, as well as several other literary journals.

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