In this issue:

poetry by
Grant Clauser

“Sunken Town”
“After You Leave”
poetry by
P. Ivan Young

“In Lisbon”
poetry by
Milla van der Have

“A Landlocked State”
“The End of the Summer and the Touching, Too”
essays by
Lauren Fath

“Always Curved into the Distance”
poetry by
Sandra Kolankiewicz

“Tall Grass”
“Penelope Smoking”
“Penelope in Repose”
poetry by
Ken Autrey

“Prairie Daughter (1936)”
poetry by
Athena Kildegaard

“Hairline Cracks”
fiction by
Dara Passano

“New Year’s on I-75”
poetry by
Matthew Murrey

“What We Learned at Boy Scout Summer Camp, Southern Utah, 1982”
poetry by
Floyd Cheung

“My Pietà”
poetry by
Gail Peck

“The Book of Beginnings”
fiction by
Murali Kamma

“A Mortal History of Ferns”
poetry by
Stan Sanvel Rubin

“The Hidden Meadow”
poetry by
Richard Jones

“Atlantic City 1985”
prose poetry by
Andrea Jackson

Cover photograph: “US Route 6,” 2015
Nicholas A. Tonelli

Layout by Leah Browning

News from the Editor:

I’m so pleased to announce that one of Robert Radin’s short stories,
“Live Action English,” was included on the list of notable stories in
The Best American Short Stories 2016, edited by Junot Díaz and
series editor Heidi Pitlor.  “
Live Action English” first appeared in the
Spring 2015 issue of the
Apple Valley Review.

I’d also like to congratulate three former contributors whose stories
were longlisted for The
Wigleaf Top 50 (Very) Short Fictions 2017.  
Michael Chin’s “Whiskey Weary,” Martha Clarkson’s “Driving
Blind,” and
Denise Tolan’s “Something Like a Man” were all
originally published in the
Spring 2016 issue of the journal.

Judith Waller Carroll’s poem “Learning How to Write the
Beginning,” which appeared in the Fall 2013 issue of the Apple
Valley Review
, is included in her first full-length collection of poetry.  
What You Saw and Still Remember is forthcoming from Main Street
Rag Publishing Company in late 2017 and is available now for

Congratulations to
P. Ivan Young, the recipient of the Apple Valley
Editor’s Prize for 2017.  Three of his poems—“Sunken
Town,” “After You Leave,” and “Mansions”—are included in this
issue.  All work published in the
Apple Valley Review during a given
calendar year is considered for the annual award.  Young will receive
$100 and a gift of a book of poetry.

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