Learning How to Write
the Beginning
by Judith Waller Carroll

I’d want it to be early autumn,
a day like today, still green,
but gold around the edges,

our old yellow lab lying at your feet,
a Red Stripe beer
on the redwood table.

The sky would be as soft and faded
as that shirt you used to wear,
and it would be quiet, not even birdsong,

nothing to betray
what led up to the middle
or happened in the end.


Judith Waller Carroll’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in
Heron Tree, Shot Glass Journal, Naugatuck River Review,
Umbrella, and Stone’s Throw Magazine.  Her chapbook,
Walking in Early September, is available from Finishing Line Press.

On “Learning How to Write the Beginning”:
This poem was a result of words and weather.  The title is part
of a quote about writing by Mary Kathleen Cobb.  It was a
beautiful autumn afternoon.  I sat out on the deck with my
journal, and the poem pretty much wrote itself.  If only they
were all that easy!

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