In this issue:

poetry by
Bethany Bowman

“The Drill”
“The Flower Garden”
fiction by
Sue Hyon Bae

“Blue-Eye, Baby-Blue, Cobalt, Indigo”
“Looking Back”
“Three Views of a Garden”
poetry by
Arfah Daud

“The truth” and “Anxiety” by Marianne Koluda Hansen
“Restlessness” and “I must be crazy” by Benny Andersen
“A True Story” and “To Work, I Say” by Knud Sørensen
poetry translated from the Danish by Michael Goldman

“Nude Male with Echo #80”
poetry by
Darren C. Demaree

“It’s Late Autumn and the Few Leaves Left
Clinging to the Trees Beg to Be Pulled Off”
poetry by
Danielle Hanson

“I Want to Be a Sundance Catalog Model”
“American Monster”
“Gone, Gone, Gone”
poetry by
Jennifer MacBain-Stephens

“Talking to the Dead”
“Minor League”
poetry by
Richard Stolorow

“Our Lady”
poetry by
José Angel Araguz

“An Elegy Ceremony Like Missing of Yunes”
fiction by
Seyed Ali Shojaei

“Further Whispers”
poetry by
Carl Boon

“Over Distance”
“Finger Exercises for the Morning”
“My Dog and I Write a Poem”
poetry by
Laura Lee Washburn

“Giving Adoration”
poetry by
David Antonio Moody

“The Lottery”
“The Priest and the Letter”
essays by
Megan Taylor

“My Heart in Pieces”
poetry by
Priscilla Atkins

“The Third Word”
“A Mention of Dimension”
poetry by
Calvin Ahlgren

“Uncountable Distance”
poetry by
Jack Cooper

Cover photograph: “Bee feeding on Calendula,” 2007
Westbury Court Garden, Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
by Pauline Eccles

Layout by
Leah Browning

News from the Editor:

Congratulations to Kathy Anderson.  Her short story collection,
Bull: Stories, won the 2015 Autumn House Press Fiction Prize and
will be published in 2016.  The collection includes her story “
You Are
the Bad Smell,” which was published in the Spring 2008 issue of the
Apple Valley Review.  

One of
Cameron Conaway’s newest collections, Malaria, Poems,
was published by Michigan State University Press in November 2014.  
The book includes
three poems—“Vaccine,” “Landscape,” and
“Store (V.)”—from the
Apple Valley Review’s Fall 2014 issue.  
Malaria, Poems was included on NPR’s list of the Best Books
of 2014.  

I would also like to congratulate
Sue Hyon Bae, the recipient of the
Apple Valley Review Editor’s Prize for 2015.  Two of her short
pieces—“The Drill” and “The Flower Garden”—are being published
in this issue of the journal.  All work published in the Apple Valley
during a given calendar year is considered for this annual
award.  Bae will receive $100 and a gift of a book of poetry or fiction.

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twice annually, once in spring and once in fall.  Each issue features a
collection of poetry, short fiction, and essays.  More extensive
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