by Richard Stolorow

It was sudden your
falling off the fish truck
our history interrupted
no longer the Sunday calls
no more song and story.

On my walks I talk
heartsore as the sun
sets on another day.
The tragedy is not that we die
but that you die and I want to
tell you everything.

by Richard Stolorow

You be the professional
with a shelf of books
and an entourage of
protégées.  I could not
emulate nor give what is
required and so please
allow my peanut butter
sandwich my homey routine
with the one I love and
lack of ambition.  I am
happy with modest fame
renowned in the neighborhood
as devoted walker in any weather
dawn and dusk and writer
in a rocking chair.  As for sport
I hold my own but often choose
sober evenings where talk and dreams
are clear and both enjoyed even
in these minor leagues.


Richard Stolorow has been an English teacher, handyman, book
clerk, and bellman.  His poems and stories have been published in
literary magazines including
Bluestem Magazine, Coe Review,
Chiron Review, the Apple Valley Review, and The Oklahoma

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