by Matthew Murrey

Back then she worked in a warehouse
with a tin roof.  One time she took me with her,
must have been the year before I started school.
I played on the floor while she sat typing fast
at an electric typewriter that seemed bigger than I was.   
Before lunch, there was thunder, then a downpour;
both of us stopped, looked up.  What an uproar,
as if a thousand of my mothers were up there
banging away on typewriters in a fury of work.


Matthew Murrey’s debut poetry collection, Bulletproof,
was selected by Marilyn Nelson and published by Jacar
Press in 2019.  He previously received a fellowship in poetry
from the National Endowment for the Arts, and his poems
have been published or are forthcoming in
Rattle, Rise Up
, Crab Orchard Review, Under a Warm Green
, and other literary journals.  Murrey is a high school
librarian in Urbana, Illinois.  

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