Apple Valley Review:
A Journal of
Contemporary Literature

ISSN 1931-3888

Volume 14, Number 1
(Spring 2019)

Copyright © 2019
by Leah Browning, Editor.

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in the
Apple Valley
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Fiction by Jeff Ewing

      She sets a pitcher down on the side table, beside a small fan of
bills and the last issue of
Smithsonian.  The pitcher was a gift from
someone, she can’t remember who; note the chip in the ceramic (on
the lip) that causes, when pouring, a sidestream of liquid to dribble
onto the tablecloth.  In the wooden bowl set off-center there should
rightly be fruit, if we’re to adhere strictly, but she hasn’t been to the
store in days.  Her hunger has seemingly vanished, though there were
times in the past when it was so strong she’d be close to fainting, one
hand steadying on the chair back, her face suddenly hot as if someone
had slapped or kissed it.           


Jeff Ewing is the author of the short story collection The Middle
, which was published by Into the Void Press in 2019.  His
short stories, poems, and essays have appeared in
Southwest Review, ZYZZYVA, Subtropics, Willow Springs, Saint
Ann’s Review
, and other literary journals.  He lives in Sacramento,

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