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Volume 13, Number 1
(Spring 2018)

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Fiction by Mauro Guidi-Signorelli

She lived in an all-white studio to which she invited me a few times.  
White floor, white ceiling, white walls and white furniture.  The only
things not white in there were her eyes.  Out of white speakers came
soft sounds and one night I joked that even the noise in her place was
white and she laughed and we made love.  But it was awkward.  She
didn’t invite me over for a long time after that so one day I brought her
a kitty.  A white kitty.  She asked me if it already had a name and I
said its name was Gray.  Gray afforded me a few more visits to the
white flat, but then I screwed up again and she stopped writing.  Three
nights straight I dreamed of hearing the doorbell and opening the door
and finding a dead white cat on the doormat.  I dreamed the same
dream some more, only sometimes the cat wasn’t there.  After the
November attacks, she moved back to her country and took Gray
with her.  I thought of renting the all-white studio myself, but I didn’t
have the money.  I visited the place anyway and the real-estate agent
said I could sell the furniture and replace it with more colorful pieces
if I wanted.  “It’s soothing the way it is,” I said, and she pretended to
agree with me.  A couple of days later the agent called and I told her
I had found another flat.  We talked about other stuff and I invited her
out.  She looked good.  We went out and had a fine time and were
together for a while.  She lived in rue Saint-Martin and had a gray cat
named Martin.  I suggested she name him White instead, but she didn’t
see the point.  “Now is too late,” she said.  Or something like that.           


Mauro Guidi-Signorelli was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil.  
For the past fifteen years, he has been living in Paris, France, where he
works as an engineer.  Guidi-Signorelli's debut novel,
Tio Afonso, was
a finalist for the Sesc Prize for Literature/Prêmio Sesc de Literatura.

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