In this issue:

“The one and the next”
fiction by
Mauro Guidi-Signorelli

“Lettres d’amour”
“Summer love”
prose poetry by
Brittany Ackerman

“Past Tense”
poetry by
Katherine Gekker

“Killed by Car at 12th & Collingwood”
fiction by
Joseph Cummins

“After the End of Time”
“Not a Soul in Sight”
poetry by
Christopher Todd Anderson

“Noche Triste”
essay by
Robert Radin

“More restless than usual this nail . . .”
poetry by
Simon Perchik

“Rocks from the Black Sea”
poetry by
Claudia Serea

“After the Break-Up”
“Elegy with Peach & Towhee”
poetry by
Lynne Knight

“Pale Blue”
fiction by
Lynn C. Miller

“IKEA Choices”
poetry by
Ryan Thorpe

“In which the poet, invested like a Kozinski character, talks to his daughter”
poetry by
Gabriel Chávez Casazola
(translated from the Spanish by Morgan Cayce Harden)

Cover artwork: “Patio del ex convento de San Agustín,”
1861, oil on canvas, 36 x 45 centimeters
by José María Velasco

Layout by
Leah Browning

News from the Editor:

Congratulations to Grant Clauser, whose poem “Nova” led off
our Fall 2017 issue.  He is the winner of the 2016
Cider Press
Book Award.  Clauser’s collection of poetry, Reckless
, was published in January 2018 and is now
available for sale from
Cider Press Review.  

Six years ago, “Waiting,” a painting by
Michelle Hendry, was
featured on the
cover of our Spring 2012 issue.  In September
2017, Mosaic Press published a collection of Hendry’s work:
Once Imagined – An Artist’s Journey Through Abandoned
.  The book, which features a series of paintings of houses,
hotels, and ruins from around the Muskoka region of Canada, is
for sale on the publisher’s

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