by Kevin McLellan

outside the closed post
office / rain and the on-

lookers in hooded slickers

/ you don’t recognize
them at first / neighbors /

in the throat of caught

light you say
I’m in a mood
/ dash off / ever since

the water table rose the

first time / this awareness /
refuse yourself immersion    

/ now in a local café you

notice the crosswalk / the
electric seconds count

down / the pavement bleeds


Kevin McLellan is the author of the full-length collection of
Tributary (Barrow Street); the chapbook Round Trip
(Seven Kitchens), a collaborative series with numerous women
poets; and the book arts project,
[box] (Letter [r] Press).  The
Shoes on a wire (Split Oak Press) is forthcoming.  
McLellan won the 2015
Third Coast Poetry Prize, and his poems
have previously appeared in
American Letters & Commentary,
Apple Valley Review, Colorado Review, Crazyhorse, Kenyon
, West Branch, Western Humanities Review, Witness,
and several other literary journals.  He lives in Cambridge,

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