Cover painting: ''Getting a Grip'' by Mikel Glass, 2003, oil on canvas, 66'' x 40'' (please scroll down to view the table of contents)
In this issue:

“Family Style”
fiction by
Matthew Grice

poetry by
William Robert Flowers

poetry by
Leslie LaChance

fiction by
Tai Dong Huai

“Present Tense in Past Narration”  
poetry by
Sarah White

“About the World”
poetry by
Gregory Lawless

fiction by
Lydia Williams

“Dream of My Wife Remarried”
poetry by
Roger Jones

poetry by
Ruth Foley

“My Father Lands in the Basket of Moon”
poetry by
Steve Klepetar

“Goose Eggs”
fiction by
Arrie Brown

“legs like a pugilist”
poetry by
Linda King

“The Egg Thief”
fiction by
Jozefina Cutura

“December 12, 2005”
“222 Jackson Avenue”
“The Moon Still as the Light Gets Shorter”
poetry by
Lyn Lifshin

poetry by
James Richard Brown

“The Story That Isn’t This Story”
essay by
Suzanne Cope

“Everything That Rises Must Converge”
poetry by
Chris Anderson

poetry by
Asha Choubey

Cover painting: “Getting a Grip,” 2003, oil on canvas, 66" x 40"
Mikel Glass

Layout by Leah Browning

News from the Editor:

I would like to congratulate three of the writers whose work appeared
in our
Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 issues.  “Jane Austen’s Toes,” a
poem by
Rob Hardy, and “Thanksgiving,” a poem by Pat Daneman,
were selected by poet Dorianne Laux for the 2008
Best of the Net
Anthology.  “His Wife,” a short story by Barry Jay Kaplan, was also
one of five pieces of fiction selected by writer Andy Mozina for the
annual anthology.        

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