by Asha Choubey

That signboard you hung here
Is gone;
But . . .
Your goods are still inside,
And the smell of your hair,
Lingers still,
I sprayed the room freshener, though;
It does not go;
It is as if . . .
It was only last night you were here,
My face cupped in your palm;
If ever you pass by again,
Come inside . . .
Just take back your goods,
And the smell of your hair,
And your palm,
That holds my face still.


Dr. Asha Choubey is Head of the Department of Humanities at
Rohilkhand University, Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh, India).  A Founding
Member of the International Women’s Review Board, Oxford, and
member of the Professional Women’s Advisory Board of American
Biographical Institute, Choubey is Founder General Secretary of
Jijiwisha, an association of Women Managers in Higher Education.  
She has published extensively and is a contributor to the Dictionary
of Literary Characters, a reviewer for Postcolonial Text and Novitas-
Royal, and an annotator for Routledge’s Annotated Bibliography.

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