In this issue:

fiction by
Tim Fitts

“War II”
poetry by
Richard Brostoff

“Back in Our Home New York”
poetry by
Amy Schmitz

“A Persistence of Memory”
fiction by
Richard Ward

“Yellow Poplars”
poetry by
Barbara Daniels

“Elegy for My Father”
poetry by
Katherine Fallon

“Nobody Knew My Mother Was a Drunk”
“Elegy for My Friend Mary, a Found Poem”
poetry by
Lisa Zimmerman

“This, and Then This”
fiction by
Mary Grimm

“Kathleen’s Heart”
poetry by
Renee Emerson

poetry by
Alfonsina Storni
(translated from the Spanish by Thomas Feeny)

“Street Scene”
poetry by
Gary Duehr

fiction by
Casey Forest

“The Fields at Night”
“Leftover Wine”
poetry by
Richard Spilman

“A Foot Rub”
poetry by
Joseph Chaney

Cover artwork: “Fisherman on a poldercanal”
by Cornelis Vreedenburgh

Layout by
Leah Browning

News from the Editor:

Congratulations to several former contributors.  A book by Murali
, Not Native: Short Stories of Immigrant Life in an In-
Between World
, was published by Wising Up Press in July 2019.  
His short story “Migrant,” which first appeared in the Fall 2017 issue
of the
Apple Valley Review, is included in the collection.  More
information about
Not Native is available on Kamma’s website.     

“Finding,” a poem which appeared in our Fall 2012 issue, is included
in a new collection of poetry by
Arthur Powers.  Sketches/Rio de
was published by Finishing Line Press this summer as well.  

Robert Radin’s “Noche Triste,” an essay which first appeared in the
Spring 2018 issue of the
Apple Valley Review, was included on the
list of Notable Essays and Literary Nonfiction of 2018 in
The Best
American Essays 2019 (edited by Rebecca Solnit and series editor
Robert Atwan).  The book is on sale as of October 1, 2019.

Robert Radin was also the recipient of the
Apple Valley Review
Editor’s Prize for 2018 for “Noche Triste.”  This essay, and three of
his short stories, are available in our archive.  One of the stories,
“Live Action English,” was originally published in the Spring 2015
issue of the
Apple Valley Review and later included on the list of
other distinguished stories in
The Best American Short Stories 2016.  

Now, this fall, I want to congratulate
Lynne Knight.  She is the
recipient of the
Apple Valley Review Editor’s Prize for 2019 for her
four-part poem, “
After My Sister’s Mastectomy,” which was included
in the Spring 2019 issue.  All work published in the
Apple Valley
during a given calendar year is considered for the annual
award.  Knight will receive $100 and a gift of a book.

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twice annually, once in spring and once in fall.  Each issue features a
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