A Plot to Put Him
Out of His Misery
by Rachel Gippetti

Here from the balcony
I see you in the cacti: camouflaged, bristling,
drowning in the sprinkler system.

To think I wouldn’t see you here.
I feel guilty—I mean, sun burnt.

I will let you use my snorkel.
Beautiful water, blue like drain cleaner.

Be wary, the mask leaks.
Use caution, the coral stings.

I tousle your sandy curls.
You swallow your bubbles.

I hold you under.


Rachel Gippetti was born in Boston, Massachusetts.  Approximately
five years ago, she moved to the United Kingdom, where she completed
a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at the University of Plymouth.  
Gippetti’s first children’s book,
Time-Travelling Train on the Tamar
Valley Line
, was published by the University of Plymouth Press in May
of this year.  Her poetry is also forthcoming in
The Stinging Fly and
Shearsman Magazine.

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