Bedroom Clock
by Melissa Adamo

She took the clock off her bedroom
wall and sliced it into eight pieces,

making each incision with a round
edge, splitting hands and lines.

And when people asked her the number,
she told them one or two—

any more or any less would leave room
for looks.  No.  She kept the pieces under

her bed with dust and junk.  Too much
clutter sleeping beneath sheets.  No.

She wanted faith like an olive tree in Italy
or a backyard barbecue on the fourth of July.


Melissa Adamo is a graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey
with a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and concentration in Creative
Writing.  Her work has previously appeared in Ramapo’s literary
Trillium.  She often writes about her experience as a
first-generation American citizen.  

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