Cover painting: ''Pegboard'' by Jacob Collins (please scroll down to view the table of contents)
In this issue:

“Six Times”
“Milk, 1933”
poetry by
Michael Lauchlan

“Her only perfume”
“Home, coming home”
poetry by
Marge Piercy

“He Said He Knew of a Place Where We Could Swim”
“Ice Cream”
“My Mother Used to Bring Home Blue-Shell Crabs”
poetry by
Jin Cordaro

“What I Know”
fiction by
Kathleen Thomas

“A Medical Student”
“Respect for the World of Ideas”
prose poetry by
Luiza Oleszczuk

“The Absolution of the Waters”
“The Sudden Metamorphosis of the Birds”
“Dining Room”
“The Real, Besieged”
“Wasteland with Carp”
“Chicken in a Jar”
poetry by
Ioan Flora
(translated from the Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin and Elena Bortă)

fiction by
Elaine Barnard

“the smell of memory”
poetry by
David LaBounty

“Ammonis, Dead at Twenty-Nine”
poetry by
Bernard Henrie

“For My Brother, Late in Apple Season”
poetry by
Gail Braune Comorat

“The Spirit of Houston County”
essay by
J. W. Young

“How to Peel a Red Pepper”
poetry by
Mary MacGowan

“Echoes of Trees on the Mountaintop”
“The Aggregate of Routines”
poetry by
Yun Wang

“The Perfect Pair”
essay by
Erika Kleinman

“Dover Road”
poetry by
Anne Britting Oleson

“To a Potential Visitor”  
poetry by
Tammy Ho Lai-Ming

“Light and Sound Are Not Opposites”
“The Predictable Suspicious Tide”
“Waiting to See What the Weather Will Do”
poetry by
Laura McCullough

“Bedroom Clock”
poetry by
Melissa Adamo

Cover painting: “Pegboard”
Jacob Collins

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News from the Editor:

I would like to congratulate three of the writers whose work appeared
in our
Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 issues.  “Jane Austen’s Toes,” a
poem by
Rob Hardy, and “Thanksgiving,” a poem by Pat Daneman,
were selected by poet Dorianne Laux for the 2008
Best of the Net
Anthology.  “His Wife,” a short story by Barry Jay Kaplan, was also
one of five pieces of fiction selected by writer Andy Mozina for the
annual anthology.

I would also like to congratulate
Jin Cordaro, the recipient of the
Apple Valley Review Editor’s Prize for 2009.  Four of her poems
“He Said He Knew of a Place Where We Could Swim,” “Cicadas,”
“Ice Cream,” and “My Mother Used to Bring Home Blue-Shell
Crabs”—are being published here, in our Fall 2009 issue.  All work
published in the
Apple Valley Review during a given calendar year is
considered for this annual award.  Cordaro will receive $100 and a
gift of a book of poetry or fiction.           

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