Learning the Rain
by Megan OReilly

Rain every day for thirty days,
and every day she walks in it,

so familiar now she might be
a flower, a dip in the pavement.

No end in sight, the weatherman warns,
time for that tropical vacation,

but instead she is learning the rain
like a grimly demanding religion,

bathing her feet in its holy waters,
bowing her head to accept its violence.

Today on her walk it lets up briefly,
like a sigh, only for a moment

while she has paused, watching
a crew of men digging ditches,

falling in love with the bearded one
who never looks up, and whistles.


Megan OReilly is a student at The Evergreen State College in
Olympia, Washington.  Her work has appeared in
Rattle, Gumball
, and Poets Canvas.

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