by P M F Johnson

Poems chewed by dogs have gaps.
Bones cracked.
They’re tug-of-warred by opposing packs
into trash,
dragged off, stolen from somewhere
far better,
the rich marrow in the middle now
like leather
half-ripped.  The edges rolled in dirt
hard to read,
barely more than a word spared to explain
the need.


P M F Johnson’s poetry has been published in the Apple Valley
, Threepenny Review, North American Review, Nimrod,
Evansville Review, Main Street Rag, Measure, and others.  His
poems appear in several
Best Of anthologies.  Johnson has three
fantasy novels available on Amazon and lives in Minneapolis with
his wife, writer Sandra Rector.

On “Apology”:
I wrote “Apology” while thinking about how difficult
apologizing can be, how we kind of sidle up to it, hope maybe we
don’t actually have to say the words, get entirely sidetracked
thinking about something else . . .  Any inferring by the reader
that I owed an apology to my wife and wrote this instead is strictly,
of course, out of bounds.    

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