by Kevin McLellan

the humid air / a Buick

with tinted windows
slowly turns / on guard

you continue walking

/ notice a white woman
say in her mid-60s

on an unreliable porch

in a folding lawn chair /
she orders a young man

to put something / some

-thing ambiguous in the
trash / cautiously drawls

yuuure weelcoom maaam

as he walks away she
sees you / shouts

here what you lookin’ at?

/ also the smell of some-
thing sweet / roasting

peppers / onions / Italian

sausage? / now the burly
bike cop you saw yesterday

buying prescription sun-

glasses pedals by as you
face an open intersection


Kevin McLellan’s first full-length collection of poetry, Tributary,
was published by Barrow Street in 2015.  He is also the author of two
Shoes on a wire, forthcoming from Split Oak Press, and
Round Trip, a collaborative series of poems published by Seven
Kitchens in 2010.  McLellan’s poetry has recently appeared or is
forthcoming in journals including
American Letters & Commentary,
Colorado Review, Crazyhorse, Kenyon Review, Salt Hill, West
, Western Humanities Review, and Witness.  He lives in
Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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