The Dream of Longing,
Waking Up at Midnight
by Lyn Lifshin

white birds circling
the Blue Mosque.
Wild shapes below
the window.  This
jolt, glow below the
Blue House.  This
ache.  And what if he
knew, what if he
read this?


Lyn Lifshin is the author of many books including Another
Woman Who Looks Like Me
(Black Sparrow at David Godine,
Nutley Pond (Goose River Press, 2008), Barbaro: Beyond
(Texas Review Press, 2009), Ballroom (March Street
Press, 2010),
Katrina (Poetic Matrix Press, 2010), Knife Edge &
Absinthe: The Tango Poems
(NightBallet Press, 2012), and For
the Roses
(March Street Press, 2012).  In addition to writing,
Lifshin has edited several anthologies of women writers; taught
poetry and prose writing at universities, colleges, and high schools;
served as Poet in Residence at the University of Rochester,
Antioch, and Colorado Mountain College; and been the subject
of the documentary film
Lyn Lifshin: Not Made of Glass. More
information is available on her website at

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