The Snow
by Nabin Kumar Chhetri

The snow is terrible this year.
The road towards the library
takes longer than usual.
I keep the books home, waiting
for the roads to clear up.
Buses go with
chains on their wheels,
leaving long monotonous marks.

Smell of raw pines and chimney smoke
brings your memory back
in the thin December air.
The train shrills past every day,
slicing the air between the hill and my house.
Your face comes like a force
and halts at that moment
when you left;
like one of those winter evenings.

The snow​​​​ has been terrible this year,
the days longer without you.
Next year, I will wait.
When they clear the snow,
I will wait at that same station.

Please tell me, when will you come?
I will watch from the hilltop
when your train comes,
slowly, waltzing and whistling,
from the bends of summer hill.      


Nabin Kumar Chhetri is a Nepalese poet.  He graduated with a
degree of MLitt in the Novel from the University of Aberdeen in
Aberdeen, Scotland, and is a member of Scottish PEN.  Chhetri is
the author of a collection of poetry,
Zero Passion (Writers Forum).  
Individual poems have been published or are forthcoming in
, Weyfarers, Fade Poetry Journal, and The Essence
(United Kingdom); Ricepaper Magazine and Mawaheb (Canada);
The Sun, Quest, and Taj Mahal Review (India); Nosside Poetry
(Italy); Spinny Babbler and The Kathmandu Post
(Nepal); Poetry Quarterly (China); Revival (Ireland); and Tower
, Reverie Poetry Journal, The Cynic, Poetry Super
, Sixers Review,  The DuPage Valley Review, and
Verse Wisconsin (United States).

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