Wedding Day
by Gina Marie Mammano V.

I dreamed of pears, fresh
and crisp, the wink
of wet summer on their
daffodils, stiff,
the peaceful nothing
smell of air,

but I got poached,

buried in wine and cinnamon
through the hallowed
days of winter pears

and resurrection roses forced
in hot water and
primed from hard heavy bud—
the pungent taste of russet
and bark
for the haphazard ones
of dew and wind

the thing preserved instead of
the thing stumbled upon

sometimes, the thing
preserved. . . .


Gina Marie Mammano V. lives in San Juan Capistrano with her new
husband, her new stepson, and her two children.  Her work has been
published in
The Other Side, Melange, and Target Earth Magazine
and is forthcoming in Literature and Culture.  She is a public school
teacher on hiatus, and she belongs to Montage, an artists’ cooperative
that cross-pollinates genres.  Her website is located at

On “Wedding Day” :
Being a latent bride, married a second time after a not-so-perfect
life and many years of single parenthood, gave me some secret
expectations of what a life waited for should look like.  Well, I
learned imperfection should always be the expected way of things,
lovely, snowed-in, serendipitous, and asymmetrical.  “Wedding
Day” is from an unpublished manuscript entitled
The Wedding of
the Unexpected
.  There are several nods to poet e.e. cummings for
making giddy-eyed idealistic readers like myself aware of “most
this amazing” days within any day.

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