by Ed Bok Lee
                                              There is a lamp on my table.
                                              And the house is in the book.
                                                                 —Edmond Jabès

And now I see it’s not the meanings I loved most
demolishing each labyrinth flooded with belief,

but the quandaries—           
                                    arrived like curious spirits
on the precipice of trauma or sleep—
                                                        Worlds inside words
paginated & unspooling—
a knotted core of images.

Like a strange animal breathing
the amber linen of an old book on rare gems

in search of a new home to die in.


Ed Bok Lee is the author of Whorled, a book of poems
published in 2011 by Coffee House Press.  The collection
won a 2012 American Book Award and the Minnesota Book
Award in Poetry.  His previous work received a PEN Open
Book Award and an Asian American Literary Award
(Members’ Choice).  Lee grew up in South Korea, North
Dakota, and Minnesota.  Currently, he teaches at Metropolitan
State University in St. Paul, Minnesota.  “Reading in Bed Is
Like Heaven” will be included in his newest book of poetry,
Mitochondrial Night, which is forthcoming from Coffee
House Press in early 2019.   

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