by Diarmuid ó Maolalaí

I get the 46a
the 140
the 122 sometimes.  I get the 15
out to work
and the 9
goes straight from my door
to the house I grew up in,
like being driven back in time.
the 15a
is mostly for a treat - 5 minutes walk
to the bus stop
and it brings me all the way to my girlfriend.  the 103
spins off to ashbourne
and the 40
out to finglas.
they’re talking about
upgrading the busroutes, making them more frequent
and extending them out on spines
like sea anemone
or some roadkill hedgehog.
That’ll be handy too.
the stars overhead
will burn the pathways home
and we gather by boats,
huddled on the seashore,
quiet as cattle,
hooded and bowed
in lanternlight.

by Diarmuid ó Maolalaí

is actually
very close by here.  I live
in a studio apartment
in a subdivided house
with a washer and dryer
right by my doorway.  from this table
I can reach
clear across the room
and scramble my hand on the sofa
if there’s anything I left there.
5 mins away
there’s a corner shop, open
24 hours.  next door
the off license
closes at 10.  my radio
is on the table in front of me - I can twist a finger
and play a tune
spinning out choirs in vienna
or maraca music
all the way from spain.
the sun touched 32 today
(unheard of in dublin)
so I suppose
it must be coming closer too.  what fun.
soon I’ll be able to reach out
and grab it like a hazelnut, put it
in my pocket
and keep it handy for frying eggs
and toasting bagels
I won’t have to bother
with the two steps
my kitchen takes.
it’s going to be very handy.
I can’t wait.


Diarmuid ó Maolalaí is a graduate of English Literature from
Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  His poetry and short fiction
have previously appeared in
Mud Season Review, Fourth &
, Eunoia Review, Nine Muses Poetry, Ghost Town,
Right Hand Pointing, and elsewhere.  Maolalaí’s first collection
of poetry,
Love Is Breaking Plates in the Garden, was
released by Encircle Publications in 2016. After four years
abroad in the United Kingdom and Canada, he recently returned
to Ireland, where he works maintenance dispatch for a bank.  

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