Cover artwork: ''Crab Apple'' by Hugh Greer, 2014, acrylic on panel, 12'' x 16'' (please scroll down to view the table of contents)
In this issue:

“Renaissance Man”
poetry by
Philip Belcher

“Our Dying”
“St. Jude”
poetry by
Laura Lee Beasley

“Store (V.)”
prose poetry by
Cameron Conaway

“Stabbing Johnny”
nonfiction by
J. Malcolm Garcia

“the expedition”
“the platform”
poetry by
Bill Rector

“Ode to Sewing Baskets”
“Praise Song for Old Ways”
“At the End of a Long Gravel Driveway”
poetry by
Joan Mazza

“Rescue Harvey”
fiction by
John Oliver Hodges

“The Flowers Are White”
“April Fool’s Afternoon Poem”
poetry by
Laura Merleau

“The Pink Mailbox”
fiction by
Timothy Day

“The Romance of Our Books”
poetry by
Joseph Chaney

“Broken Clock Ode”
“Blue Ode”
poetry by
José Angel Araguz

poetry by
Marge Piercy

fiction by
Missy-Marie Montgomery

“Subsequent Wife”
poetry by
Shoshauna Shy

“Still Quick”
poetry by
P M F Johnson

Cover artwork: “Crab Apple,”
2014, acrylic on panel, 12'' x 16''
Hugh Greer

Layout by Leah Browning

News from the Editor:

Congratulations to several former contributors.  The 2014 edition of
New Poetry from the Midwest will include Donna Vorreyer’s
Bringing in the Sheaves,” which appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of the
Apple Valley Review, and Theresa Williams’s “xxvii. learning aid,”
which appeared in the Spring 2012 issue.  

A Flight over the Black Sea: Selected Poems, a volume of poetry
written by
Ihor Pavlyuk and translated from Ukrainian into English by
Steve Komarnyckyj, won an English PEN award.  The book was
published by London’s Waterloo Press in 2014.  Pavlyuk’s poem
Horses in Masks” appeared in our Fall 2012 issue.  

Dan O’Brien’s recent collection of poetry, Scarsdale, will be
published by CB Editions of London just prior to the Aldeburgh Poetry
Festival in Suffolk, England, this November.  The book includes
O’Brien’s poem “Mormons,” which originally appeared in our Spring
2010 issue.  

This past summer,
Cherry Castle Publishing released Brian Gilmore’s
collection of poetry,
We Didn’t Know Any Gangsters.  His poem
purple rain” was published in the Spring 2007 issue of the Apple
Valley Review

Renee Emerson’s first collection of poetry, Keeping Me Still
which includes “With the Thin Blue Line” and “New Tenants,”
poems from our Fall 2012 issue—was released by Winter Goose
Publishing in 2014.  

One of
Jessica Rafalko’s short stories from our Spring 2013 issue,
News, Unreported,” was selected for The Wigleaf Top 50 (Very)
Short Fictions 2014.  

I would also like to congratulate
Laura Lee Beasley, the recipient
of the
Apple Valley Review Editor’s Prize for 2014.  Three of her
poems—“Our Dying,” “Chemotherapy,” and “St. Jude”—are being
published in this issue of the journal.  All work published in the
Valley Review
during a given calendar year is considered for this annual
award.  Beasley will receive $100 and a gift of a book of poetry or

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