Elizabeth, Unmoored
by Anna Evans

Elizabeth only knows
this is not her home, and although
the sun throws heat through the glass door
the lengthening shadows unsettle her.
I have to be going home, she insists.

Her hand tugs at my sleeve,
as if she knows how I too have awoken
from restless dreams in unfamiliar beds,
panicked that I’ve overslept,
my children missed the school bus.

What are the arrangements? she asks
with every appearance of competence.
She has to get home, to care for
her daughters, petrified at every needy age,
feed her impatient dachshund, water her parched violets.

I shouldn’t be here, Elizabeth says.
Who’s making the dinner?
She drifts from armchair to divan,
barred from the communal kitchen
where the gossiping aides clatter pots.


Anna M. Evans’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in
Harvard Review, Atlanta Review, Rattle, American Arts
, and 32 Poems.  She gained her MFA from Bennington
College, and is the editor of the
Raintown Review.  Recipient of
Fellowships from the MacDowell Artists’ Colony and the Virginia
Center for the Creative Arts, Evans currently teaches at West
Windsor Art Center and Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.  
Her most recent chapbook,
Saint-Pol-Roux & Other Poems
from the French
, is available from Barefoot Muse Press.  More
information is online at

On “Elizabeth, Unmoored”:
“Elizabeth, Unmoored” is one of a series of poems I wrote
during a residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts
this summer, reflecting my work teaching creative writing to
older adults in a residential home for people with Alzheimer’s.  
Other poems in the series can be found in the upcoming issue
Waccamaw and the Winter 2012 issue of Rattle.

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