Cover painting: ''Can't Get Coffee Here...'' by Mary Erickson, oil on linen panel, 9'' x 12'' plein air (please scroll down to view the table of contents)
In this issue:

poetry by
Alana Ruprecht

“Fall Patterns (2)”
poetry by
Laura Merleau

fiction by
William Grigg

“Wednesday, Our 21st Anniversary”
“The End of the World in Our Usual Bed in a Night Full of Rain”
poetry by
Bernard Henrie

poetry by
Chris Anderson

“If You Stopped”
fiction by
Kimberly Long Cockroft

“Love Letter”
“Bicycle Farm”
poetry by
Laura Drell

“The losing game”
prose poetry by
Sarah Frost

“Nature Redux”
“Daydream of Catastrophe”
“Sleep by Numbers”
poetry by
M.J. Iuppa

“Warm Front”  
poetry by
Karen Schubert

“Writing September”
poetry by
Margaret Rozga

Cover painting: “Can’t Get Coffee Here...,” oil on linen panel, 9" x 12" plein air
Mary Erickson

Layout by Leah Browning

News from the Editor:

Congratulations to Matthew Grice, whose first published story—
Family Style,” which appeared in the Spring 2009 issue of the Apple
Valley Review
—was selected as one of the storySouth Million
Writers Award notable stories of 2009.  

Leslie LaChance’s poem “Left,” which also appeared in the Spring
2009 issue, was one of only 25 submissions selected by this year’s
judges, Patricia Smith and Kim Chinquee, for the 2009
Best of the Net
Anthology.  Rachel Bunting, also a former contributor, was
recognized for her poem “The Apiary,” which appeared in
Poetry Review

Finally, I would like to congratulate
Alana Ruprecht, the recipient of
Apple Valley Review Editor’s Prize for 2010.  Her poem “Pumpkin
is being published in our Fall 2010 issue.  All work published in the
Apple Valley Review during a given calendar year is considered for
this annual award.  Ruprecht will receive $100 and a gift of a book
of poetry or fiction.    

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