by Andrew Slattery

He steps in off the paddock
and into the kitchen, gripping

the back of a twitchy chicken body—
blood still spurts from its open neck

and dotters red spacks to the wall,
four white feathers fly and its legs

still going like mad.  She tells him
the chicken’s still alive and he says

‘Why don’t we have a child?’
and recalls the honeymoon

they took to Osaka last autumn
where the quiet snow fell like feathers

through the red trees and she told him
how love is a strange flower.


Andrew Slattery is a Sydney poet whose work has appeared in
magazines, journals, and newspapers throughout Australia, Europe,
and North America.  His awards include the Henry Kendall, Roland
Robinson, and Val Vallis poetry awards.  Slattery is mentored by
poet Judith Beveridge.  His debut collection will be out early 2009
through the Australian Poetry Centre.

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