The Yet Unraveled Gift
by Tom Harmon

You sit next to me
knitting, unaware
I don’t need another scarf, but
how much I do need you
here, knitting another quiet end
to a day together.


Tom Harmon lives in Albany, New York, where he works as an
advocate for persons with disabilities.

On “The Yet Unraveled Gift”:
The poem was inspired by my wife who recently took up knitting
now that the kids are gone.  When it comes to knitting, Sara is a
one trick pony: scarves.  One night while we were sitting in the
living room and she was again knitting one of her masterpieces,
the poem just emerged, as effortlessly as my love for her and my
need for her company.  As opposed to other things I’ve done, it
required little editing or reworking.  It really is the work of Sara,
my inspiration.

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