Urban Fairy Tale #1
by Kyle Hemmings

They meet at the gallery near Mott
he, looking so cool in leather
a helmet tucked under one arm
she in pumps and tight tunic
tilting her head to catch
an aerial perspective
studying this post-modern work
of The Artist formerly known
as Go
the picture done on scratchboard
shows a girl falling past
a skyscraper, her arms reaching out
her mouth a round vortex of terror
people on the sidewalks looking up
their eyes and mouths way too large
motorcycle guy turns to post-modern girl,
sticks out his gloved hand
says I can save you
she studies him
suddenly feels very frightened
and small, so small,
like the times she rode elevators
with her father in midtown
cables whining, the car shaking,
How? she says.


Kyle Hemmings recently completed his MFA degree in creative
writing and loves to cook, bake, draw cartoon art, and listen to
anything by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

On “Urban Fairy Tale #1”:
I began the piece with this image of two people at an art gallery,
studying a picture of a terrified girl falling from a building.  I
wanted to explore the interaction between the illusion (the painting)
and the reality of a girl who identifies with the one in the picture,
and the man, standing next to her, now taking on the role of a
protective father, his motives, mysterious, possibly sinister.  

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