Breaking Camp
by Margaret Rozga

                        In memory of Harvey Taylor, Sr.

He steps gingerly
into the canoe.
Fish bite beyond
the island.

You pack away the blue
tin camp dishes
under a sky too blue

The inner campfire coals
Still warm beneath the ash.


Margaret Rozga’s poems have recently appeared in The Binnacle and
Nimrod.  She teaches at the University of Wisconsin in Waukesha.

On “Breaking Camp”:
On the day that his father died, Harvey Taylor, Jr. was in a recording
studio with me and several other poets, playing the music we needed
for our poetry CD,
News, Weather, and Sports.  Harvey and his father
had enjoyed camping together just a few weeks earlier when they
already knew that death was near.  As I thought about Harvey’s
grief, several images from my own life came together with what I
knew of Harvey’s.  My daughter’s blue camp dishes and my son’s
eagerness to fish seemed to fit with my sense of Harvey and his
father’s deep love for each other.  It was an experience I’ve rarely
had, the words of this poem gently floating in to me.  And Harvey
likes it.

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