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New Projects

Leah Browning's recent publications include a short story, "Thunder," in Gnarled Oak
(November 4, 2015); a short story, "
Orchard City," in 100 Word Story (September 10,
2015); a short story, "The Lemon Seed," in
Myth+Magic, a limited edition anthology from
Sugared Water and Porkbelly Press (2015); a poem, "Paris," in Autumn Sky Poetry
(June 3, 2015); a short story, "Elise in Croatia," in LitroNY (May 31, 2015); a short
story, "
Jeopardy," in Chagrin River Review (Spring 2015); three poems—"Crossing from
One Continent to the Next," "The Blue Room," and "Time Loops Back on Itself"—in
Amygdala (May 14, 2015); a short piece, "How to Get a Woman in the Mood," in The Big
(May 6, 2015); a short story, "Don't Do It," in A Quiet Courage (April 17, 2015); a
poem, "Visiting Hours," in
Mud Season Review (March 2015); a short story, "Small Talk,"
Fiction Southeast (February 12, 2015); a short story, "Gravel," in Toad (February
2015); a short story, "
The Miniaturist (life-sized installation, mixed media)," reprinted in
Storyscape Literary Journal: Anthology Two (2015); a short story, "Hunger," in The Blue
Hour Magazine
(September 24, 2014); and a poem, "The First Day You Were in the
Psychiatric Hospital," in
Glassworks Magazine (Fall 2014).

Her third chapbook,
In the Chair Museum, was published by Dancing Girl Press in
2013.  Five poems from the collection—"The Night He Broke His Collarbone," "In the
Chair Museum," "Halfway Through the Biography of Anne Sexton," "Almost a Year After
His Suicide," and "Early Morning"—were reprinted in
The Wardrobe's "Best Dressed"
feature for the week of April 28-May 2, 2014.  

"At Last, I Am Returned" was reprinted in a slightly different form on a series of
bookmarks for the "Up to the Cottage" project from
Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf (2014),
and "
Any Day Now" (November 23, 2014) and "More than 1,000 Dead Birds Fall from the
Sky in Arkansas" (January 25, 2015) were reprinted in A Year of Being Here.  "Any Day
Now" is also available on a
printable broadside with original artwork by Sarah Browning.

Five poems from
In the Chair Museum and Picking Cherries in the Española Valley
"Any Day Now," "There's Nothing," "Almost a Year After His Suicide," "Learning to Play
Piano at Thirty," and Cottage"—were reprinted with audio recordings by Leah Browning
and Nic Sebastian in
The Poetry Storehouse (June 7, 2014).  A short film by Paul
Broderick, featuring the song "She Dreams in Blue" by Josh Woodward and the poem
"Almost a Year After His Suicide" by Leah Browning, and a
short film by Nic Sebastian,
featuring the song "Mesmerism" by Masonik Arts and the poem "There's Nothing,"
written by Leah Browning and read by Nic Sebastian, are both available on Vimeo.  
Sebastian's video for "There's Nothing" was the
Poets & Writers Clip of the Day on July
10, 2014.

The Fall 2015 issue of the
Apple Valley Review is also available online.  

A Brief Bio

Leah Browning has worked as a freelance writer and editor since 1995.  She is the
author of three nonfiction books for teens and pre-teens:
Babysitting Basics, Babysitting
, and Sleepovers, all published by Capstone Press.  Browning's first two
Making Love to the Same Man for Fifteen Years and Picking Cherries in the
Española Valley, were published by Big Table Publishing in 2009 and Dancing Girl
Press in 2010, respectively.  Her third chapbook,
In the Chair Museum, was published
Dancing Girl Press in 2013.    

Browning's fiction, poetry, essays, and articles have previously appeared in a variety of
publications including
Queen's Quarterly, 42opus, The Saint Ann's Review, Bluestem
Magazine, Blood Orange Review, Dressing Room Poetry Journal, Fiction 365, The
Citron Review, Corium Magazine, Per Contra, Halfway Down the Stairs, The Literary
Bohemian, Wigleaf, 971 MENU, Storyscape Journal, 300 Days of Sun, and Autumn Sky
Poetry, as well as on a broadside from Broadsided Press, on postcards and
bookmarks from the program
Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf, with audio recordings in The
Poetry Storehouse, in short films by Paul Broderick and Nic Sebastian on Vimeo, and in
several anthologies.  Her poetry and fiction are forthcoming in
Waypoints, Lime Hawk,
Cape Fear Review, Thin Air Magazine, and Wigleaf; in the anthology Nothing to Declare:
A Guide to the Flash Sequence
; and in her fourth chapbook, Out of Body, which is
forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press.

In addition to writing, Browning serves as editor of the
Apple Valley Review, an online
literary journal.  Each issue features a collection of poetry, short fiction, and essays.  

For a more detailed bio and a list of selected publications, please
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Leah Browning
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